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Sleep Apnoea Treatment in Acacia Ridge

Our Acacia Ridge dentist Dr Rangi has an interest in Sleep Apnoa and has completed professional training in this area. Chronic snoring and sleep disordered breathing can wreak havoc on your family and individual wellness. At Full Smile Dental we can provide snoring and sleep apnoea mouthpieces that help to alleviate this condition. We welcome you to ask us for advice.

Do You Have Sleep Apnoea?

Do you suffer from fatigue, memory loss, flat, worn teeth and a larger than usual neck circumference? You could be suffering from sleep apnoea. We will work with you and your sleep physician to determine the type of sleeping disorder that you have. If your diagnosis reveals an obstruction, we can recommend a few varieties of splints to choose from.


Some types of sleep apnoea can be caused by the soft tissues at the back of the throat obstructing airflow. As a result, as you lay down the oxygen flow is prevented. Consequently, your body will fight for air and you can drift in and out of restful sleep.

An oral appliance is quite similar to a mouth guard used when playing sports. These appliances are made from a comfortable safe material and are worn over the top of your teeth. It has been found that using an oral appliance is easier for patients than the CPAP machine and is therefore easier to persist with this type of treatment.

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