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Oral Surgery in Acacia Ridge

Oral Surgery at Full Smile DentalOral surgery can be used to restore health and function and also to relieve pain. Oral surgery can be a complex and even sometimes lengthy procedure that Acacia Ridge families have to go through. Full Smile Dental is able to accommodate your preferences for comfort with a range of sedation options.

Surgical Extractions

Challenging dental extractions are often referred to an oral surgeon. Our highly experienced Acacia Ridge general dentists can typically remove a tooth without a referral.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

The last set of molars can often become impacted or only erupt partially. Situations like these can lead to infection, swelling or even damage to neighbouring teeth. We can offer this service to you comfortably in the chair.

Dental Implant Placement

If you’ve felt self-conscious about your smile due to missing teeth, dental implants can enhance your appearance and boost your confidence. Implants are surgically placed into the bone. Accurate placement can significantly impact the success of your treatment. Unsure of which type of implant is right for you? We can discuss the benefits of each option and recommend the one that is best suitable for you.


Find out more about what your surgery will entail and the processes involved by booking a consultation at Full Smile Dental.


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